Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm just about halfway through my new novel!  I started it two weeks ago (I know, speedy right? I can hardly believe it myself.) but I can't seem to stop writing.  I'm loving the story, but most of all I am in love with my characters.  The words are just flowing out of me and I put them down before they get lost in my rotating thoughts.

So, this is good right?  But I'm having a problem, which isn't so major right now, but it's bothering me.  I still haven't picked a title for it.  With FATE, I knew the title immediately.  But with this one, nothing is coming to mind.  How can I write thousands of words so easily, but not the one or two that will be the title for it?  I've jotted down some possibilities, but none are doing the story justice.  For me, the title is just as important as the story itself.

Leave it to me to get writer's block on the title.  Hopefully inspiration will hit as I continue writing. :)

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