Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writer's Block: Cured!

Can I just say to everyone that it is so frustrating when I have the climax of the story in my head, I know what needs to happen, but then when I get there, I can't seem to put it all down.  All the details and the big picture in my head wants to just explode out onto the page, but it leaves it a confusing mess, and the chapter I've been waiting to write since the story began suddenly becomes my worst enemy.

I am here to tell you my friends that I have been saved!  (Sigh of relief.)  I took a day off from writing, simply trying to concentrate on other things so I could think clearly when I picked up my laptop again.  Ah, it was hard...too hard.  And I started talking aloud to myself, speaking out the scene instead of writing it.  This was what cured me.  I heard the words out loud, and they sounded awesome!  (Hey, I can pat myself on the back once in a while right?)  I knew exactly how to write the chapter, the epic part that I've been waiting to get to, and I know my beta readers have been anticipating.  So when I sat down tonight to write it, there was no dread, no frustration, just inspiration.  Lovely.

So, even though I may look like an idiot, or my husband may ask who the heck am I talking to, when I get inspiration for a chapter, a paragraph, a scene, whatever, I'm going to say it out loud.  That way I don't forget it, and I can see if it sounds like something off a soap opera or if it will sound believable. ;)

And beta readers...hold onto your seats when I send you chapter 21.  You're in for a real treat. :)

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