Sunday, October 23, 2011

Casting Call!

The wonderful Carrie Butler, Lisa Regan, and Melodie Wright are hosting this week's Casting Call!  I'm here to introduce you to the fabulous people who have only been living in my head for the past, oh...let's just say they've been up there for a while, screaming to get out and let their story be told to the world!

Before you see them, I'd first like to thank my wonderful, amazing friend Taara for taking my nonsensical descriptions and drawing them so accurately.  Thank you again Taara for taking the time out of your busy schedule to create visuals of my demanding characters.

Okay, here we go...drum roll please...


He is the main man...uh boy...who's snarky and sarcastic, but at the same time, very socially awkward.  He finds himself thrown into a situation he can't exactly run away from, even though he has tried.  His best friends are his parents, who seem to have mysteriously disappeared.  His title is The Ultimate Immortal because, well, that's what he is. ;)


A pain-in-the-butt Sorceress of the Elements (someone who controls Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) who kidnaps Jonathan to save him from the evil guy.  She's tight-lipped and stony with a tragic past, but she's one tough girl who can hold her own.


If I were to spend a day with any of these characters, I would definitely be hanging out with Trevor.  He's fun and energetic who always has a (sometimes inappropriate) joke on the tip of his tongue.  He's into beating unbeatable levels on video games and categorizing his movies by genre and taste.  And since he's an illusionist, he sure knows how to be creative.


Very compassionate, loving, caring, thoughtful, and motherly girl.  She balances Trevor (her husband) out perfectly!  She's a transporter, which means she can pop in and out of view unexpectedly.  Comes in handy when you need a quick get-a-way.


Shawn is one of the 'bad guys' sent to collect Jonathan and take him to The Master.  He's bad, and he likes it.  As an influencer, he's able to force people to think a certain way.  He's so cocky and so wonderfully evil.

There you have it!  My awesome characters!  Thanks for stopping by and make sure to hit everyone's Casting Calls!  (You can find the links on Carrie Butler's page, which I linked above.)


  1. What a great post! I love it. You did a really awesome job with this and I enjoyed meeting your characters. Love the drawings--they are fantastic!

  2. Nice drawings, and great descriptions, too. It looks like an interesting story.

  3. The drawings are really cute and I think the expressions on their faces really capture their personality descriptions =)

  4. Shawn sounds like a great antagonist. :)

  5. Your friend did a great job with those pictures, and I love the descriptions you included. Your characters sound so fun! Thank you for participating. I'm so glad I got to "meet" you through this. :D

  6. Cute pics and vivid descriptions! Sounds like an action- and fun-packed story! Lots of fun powers and strong personalities, from what I've read here. Best wishes!

  7. Thanks everyone! This casting call bloghop has been lots of fun!

  8. I love the descriptions of your characters. The drawings are great and the story sounds fantastic. Good luck with the story!

  9. Oh my God, what great drawings! I wish my artsy-inclined friends could whip up something like this for me. :P And the story sounds like a bundle of fun, too!

  10. Thank you Riley! She is an awesome artist! I'm having her do my other books because she did so great :)

  11. I love your drawings and now I really want to read your book:D


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