Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fartin' Around

Have to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my 'less than subtle' post on Monday.  Asking for help is dang hard!  And I had that post scheduled and rescheduled about 8 times before I finally got the nerve to put it up.  I shouldn't have been so nervous, cuz you guys are great!

So, gotta be honest.  I've been a huge slacker lately.  Usually January is the month when people are all pumped up and crap, but me... I'm dying down from a busy December and I just don't wanna.

Problem is, I've become such a slacker that things are suffering from it.  I think my house has puked around me, and yet I'm glued to the computer screen as if nothing has happened.  If I was writing, I'd feel better about it... but I'm so totally not writing!  I'm fartin' around on the internet.

So when do you put the pause on everything to evaluate?  Yeah, I'm going to right now.

Things that have suffered because I'm too busy pulling up that darn internet tab.

Time with the kids.  This is one that I'm really feeling guilty about.  I mean, my kids are hilarious!  And so much fun... when I play with them.  When I'm indifferent (ouch that word hurts to admit) then they get all tantrum-y.

Time with the hubs.  Same here.  I have a third child it seems.

The house.  Like I said before, my house has the flu until I decide to pick up the mess.  And man, it is awful!  I don't want to even look at it.

My writing.  I pull out that wip, but do I spend much time with it?  Well, certainly not as much as I used to.  I could vamp out 5000 words plus a day, now I'm lucky if I get 200.  Bleck.  That's just not going to cut it for me.

So, I went grocery shopping the other day and there was this woman there with 5 kids hanging around/on her shopping cart.  They were all talking and laughing and crying and all that crap that I totally understand, but you know what?  That woman totally had it under control.  She wasn't on the verge of tears or about to rip someone's head off.  She was laughing with them, consoling them, being a total super Mom.  You know why?  I'm gonna take a guess here.  Because she has a handle on things.  Or at least she did that day.

Did I veer off topic?  Kind of, I do have a point.  :)

I'm no super anything.  I try to make it through the day without losing my mind, but I am going to try harder to put things back into perspective.  Our internet is a little stick thingy you plug in to get a signal. (It's awesome btw and super cheap.)  So I've told my hubby to hide the darn thing from me when I sit down to write.  That way, I'm actually sitting down to WRITE.  Because when I pump out a lot of words and fall in love with new characters and stories, this is how I feel:

And you know what?  I don't think my blogging or networking will suffer at all.  I have time set away for that.  Lots of time.  Too much time.  That's the point.  It's all about spreading the time out.

Blogging and networking are important, but let's not forget the things that make that important.  Our writing, our families, our friends, and ourselves.  :)


  1. Hey Cassie. This brought to mind Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and in particular, Habit No. 3 - " To live a more balanced existence, you have to recognize that not doing everything that comes along is okay. There's no need to overextend yourself. All it takes is realizing that it's all right to say no when necessary and then focus on your highest priorities". Sounds like you're well on the way. And don't worry, I'm sure most of us are searching for the Holy Grail of balance. Enjoy the journey!!

  2. Good for you Cassie. We all have to balance everything in our lives. Setting aside time for the internet is perfect. Because lets face it, we could be on this thing forever! :)

  3. Blah. Now I feel guilty about my house being a mess. :P

    We really do have to discipline ourselves, don't we? Otherwise I know I could spend all day perusing the internet, blogs, forums...

    Still searching for that balance thing too.

  4. Great post! You made me laugh! The house puking things was great. Mine does that too, now that you mention it. :)

  5. So true. You've pretty much summed up my life right now too. Great post.

  6. I've been known to make trips to the library when I need a quiet distraction-less environment in which to work. They still have the internet, it's true, but I don't.

    I'm getting kind of a slow start to the year but I'm feeling a little like I'm turning a corner... Hope you do too.

  7. Holy great post! First, I want to say sometimes we need to do absolutely nothing. Let our brains rest a little. Surf the internet and do nothing else for a week. Really. Sometimes you just need to slack off so give yourself permission. Second, the thing you said about kids and hubs, that is my life! LOL. I so related to pretty much everything in this post and I am totally guilty of surfing the net while I'm supposed to be working on the WIP for the last month!

  8. Jeff: Ooh, I think I'm going to have to look that up. Thanks!

    Kelley: I know right? The battery in my laptop is actually on it's last leg right now. I can't help but feel like I'm a big part of it's demise, lol.

    LG: Lol. I spent at least 2 hours folding laundry yesterday and it's still not done. Bleck!

    Rachel: Really, I think my house is pregnant with all the morning sickness, lol.

    ilima: Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    MJ: That's a good idea! I think I may have to steal that from you.

    Lisa: Oh good. My brain needed a rest, but I think it took too long to get back on its 'feet'. (Just got an awesome mental picture with that, lol) But ya, resting with the kids and the hubs is a good way to do it too. Hopefully I'll do much better! :)

  9. Yep, that's me! I am paddling (or scooping out buckets of water) in that same boat with you :) I would love to be that super mom in the grocery store (munis three children), but man, I think I'm too selfish for that, I'd much rather go alone or send my husband :) Let me know if I can ever help or lighten your load by not sending my random emails and revised chapters. You're awesome!

  10. Amen sister! That's why I decided to start fresh!

  11. Although I don't have kids (yet), I'm close to my family and we do a ton of stuff together and lately I've been preoccupied with writing my book. I handwrite (don't ask) my novel, and so most of the time, I have crap all over the house that consists of my huge (and huger) stacks of binder paper that I dare not lose sight of. So, I'm not myself these days either. :)

  12. I hear you! I've been suffering too. I always feel bad when I don't do enough fun stuff with my kids. They're great too. Hubby and I almost never have time together. I have laundry, a sink full of dishes, and now close family friend had a major stroke. So sad. We'll have company for a while. I'm thankful it happened close to us so we can help (he's a truck driver and was working far from home). It's been a tough year so far.

  13. Aww you'll get your spirit back! I think once things get more balanced out, it'll be easier to keep them that way. I recently set a daily goal for myself for writing and it's helped get a consistent amount of work done each day, so that might help you out.

  14. Now you just have to make sure you don't spend your writing time hunting around for the the place where your hubby hid the internet stick-thing.

  15. I totally understand. AND I'll know that when you don't respond to me that it's because your hubby has the internet hidden. ;0)

    Good luck on cleaning your house too. I had to get a handle on that 2 weeks ago. WOW was that a mess.

  16. I know what you mean by being still tired from December. I am still tired from November. I am trying to catch up though. If you like comics try incidental comics and something clever. these are grat blogs for comics lovers.

  17. Hope: Definitely scooping out buckets! And you would be helping me by sending chapters. I need the distraction from that darn internet. :)

    JA: Right? I'm glad you came back though and you weren't gone for good.

    Kelley: Oh goodness, I hope things go okay with your friend. And that this year will not be so rough :)

    The Writing Hour: All about balance, right? And it's getting there. I mean, I'm typing this in a very clean kitchen right now. So there's that. :)

    Jeff: Ah! Totally didn't think about that, lol. Maybe I'll get some cleaning done while I search.

    Jenny: That's right! I should let all my cp's know not to get a complex when I don't shoot an email right back, since that's how I've been, lol.

    Munir: I'm a big comics fan!

  18. You've already established yourself here - take time to write and be with family. We won't forget you.

  19. Ah, yes. Priorities are important. Good luck with getting things back in order! This is definitely the right time of year to do it. :)

  20. I'm hearing a lot along this line around the blogosphere. As wonderful as it is to visit and meet new people, it's a real time eater.

    You might consider looking at the pomodoro technique. I used it during NaNo and loved it. Using their focus booster, you time yourself (and force commitment unless the house is on fire and someone's dying). You type for 25 minutes (the focus booster is a timer). When the 25 minutes is up, you MUST get up and go do something else for five minutes. Keeping the ticking down clock on your screen really forces you to focus and not let your mind wander. If you've only got 30 minutes, it fits in great. I like to use it before I go to work in the morning . . . when I've got it together. =D

  21. Hi SuperMom,

    I'm writing this from a Starbucks as I can't get much done at home with the kids, the cleaning and the cooking... so I think it's a GREAT idea for hubs to hide the Net, and maybe you need to get out of the house for a couple of hours, if that's an option! Good luck, you can dooooo it :)

  22. Sometimes my juggling works out okay, and sometimes it's all a mess. If I KNEW what made the difference, I would always do it, but I don't. I know it's all in attitude, but that doesn't always mean I know how to CHANGE that.

  23. You have stick people that you plug into your computer? Do you plug in their heads? When you do, do they kick their feet? Or do they like it?
    What an odd thing...

    Wait, who are you?

  24. Is it bad that sometimes I just want The Wife to spend less time with me so I can write more?

  25. To paraphrase Scarlett, "Tomorrow is another day..." That is how I feel about 2012.
    Give yourself some credit. You do more than you realize. That woman with the 5 kids? She is probably taking Valium, or maybe they weren't her kids at all. Maybe she was there for a photo shoot for some Parent magazine...

  26. Alex: Aww. Thanks :)

    Carrie: Thanks! Trying to figure it out so far. Day one... doing pretty good!

    Donna: I know. I thought I was the only one when I wrote this post, totally terrified to put it up, lol. That idea sounds great! May have to try it out.

    Mark: I got out today, which was so great! Totally got me concentrating on other things. :)

    Jolene: Hmm... now that you say that, kinda sounds like the situation I'm in. Sometimes it does feel like I can do it all!

    Andrew: Lol. No, they plug in at the butt, so they're all folded in half. :D

    Joshua: I wish the hubs would feel that way. Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about it. :)

    Susan: Now that you mention it, I think I did see a photographer there. ;)

  27. Hmm... now, I want to make a comment about the farts in your title, but I'll restrain myself.


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