Thursday, February 2, 2012

Apparently, my stink can be smelled through the computer

All right, so I've had to push back my regular Thursday spot for another week cuz so many things are happening and my blog's about to burst at its seams, lol.

So, there's an awesome pitch contest going on at Melodie Wright's blog.  I really encourage you all to check it out!

Okay, and I've received the Leibster award from Hope, but since I've already gotten this one a few times I'm going to send her a big THANK YOU and skip the part where I reveal too much about myself.  I also got this skunk award from Lara and Leigh!  At first I was like, oh my gosh! Someone found an ap. for smelling through the computer and they caught me right after I ate Taco Bell.  (haha, guess I can't help but reveal a little bit about moi) But then I read what this award actually means and it's just about the sweetest thing anyone has ever given me :)

'The thumbs up from Skunk award' since "we all feel like stinky, stinky skunks some days" and there are people who "make us feel (and smell) a lot better".
To pass the award on, name one thing that you love about yourself, then pass on the award to as many bloggers as you want to!

And now I have to name something I love about myself.  Dude.  I can't think of anything!  Why is this so hard???


Oh!  I love that there are no awkward silences around me.  Other people might not love this about me, but I do.  When there is an awkward pause, I fill it by belting out a high note and scaring the crap out of everyone, but it makes people laugh, and the convo. starts up again.  I'm not too afraid of embarrassing myself. :)

So passing it onto some people who always make me smile when the day just about goes to crap.  (I'm trying to pass this to people that didn't get it from either Lara or Leigh, but know that you're totally on my list too!) And I'm writing this now (Jan. 28th) but since my blog is so booked, you won't see it until Feb 2nd.  So if you got this award from someone else in the meantime, know that I gave it to you first!  ME!  :)

Mark @ Aloha, and Hi! from HI
Jolene @ Been Writing?
Ali @ Ali Cross
Joshua @ Vive le Nerd
Lisa @ Lisa L. Regan
Morgan @Morgan Shamy
Jeff @ Passionatemusings
Jenny @ Jenny's Imaginary World
Emily @ Emily R. King
Hope @ Writing With Hope

Happy Writing everyone! 


  1. LOL, there are no awkward silences around me either - I can always find something to ramble out!

    Cute blog award! :D

  2. Yay for no awkward silences!!

    As was one of the things I revealed about myself recently. I hate silence :) We'd get along SUPERBLY in person ;)

    Was there a doubt though? :)

  3. No awkward silences - I can't imagine! Congratulations on the award.

  4. Thank you!!!! I'd give this award right back to since you never fail to brighten my day especially when I'm feeling low but you've already got it!

  5. Awwww... thanks for the special shout out! Cass, you rock. Seriously. You're one of those exceptional people who radiate through the screen. (if that makes sense!) I'm so glad to be connected with you!!! :D

  6. I like silence when my head feels like it's going to explode. But other than that I'm good with you belting a high note at me.

    Thanks for the award. I have a pile of them at the moment I need to get on.

  7. I want to hear that high pitched note :) You are too funny Cassie.

  8. I laugh every time I read your post so I can imagine a long conversation with you ;)

  9. Oh my hell on earth! You always have me laughing out loud. My daughter is sitting next to me wondering what I'm laughing about. Just can't get enough of you. You certainly got plenty of love with this one. Not surprising at all. :)

  10. Thank you! And...ahem...

    "Why is this so hard???"


  11. Your "belting out a note" made me think of Dumb and Dumber. Remember the part, "Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?" "AHHHHHHHH!" My brother does it PERFECTLY. And yes, it is annoying.
    Congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it on to me!

  12. You're so funny! I'd love to hear you do this! I would be the one falling off my chair, probably nearly peeing my pants laughing :)

    I'm good with awkward silences cause they don't make me feel awkward, I can out last anyone! I might start giggling though :)

    Thanks for the award, you're awesome!

  13. Kyra: Oh dude, we'll so get along together!

    Kelley: Lol, no doubt at all cuz you rock. I may scare you off though in person. :)

    Alex: Really? How do you handle the silence? I can't do it!

    Lisa: Aww, thanks girl! You always have such awesome stuff on your blog :)

    Morgan: I hope I'm radiating something good, lol. Like cheesecake and rainbows. :)

    Jenny: Lol, be careful what you wish for :) It's usually a high C :)

    Angie: AHHHHHHHHHH! (Did it get lost in translation?) :)

    JA: You've met me in person silly. Though to be honest, it wasn't that long of a conversation. Hubs was texting me from the car to get my butt back out there so the boys could take a nap. Ah, tis the life :)

    Leigh: Okay, you have officially become my human form of (what's that drug that makes people happy?) Well, whatever that is :)

    Joshua: I knew you'd be the one to say it! It's like on The Office when Jim totally mouths 'that's what she said' as Michael says it. Lol. You've seen The Office, right? Who am I kidding? You've probably seen everything under the TV sun. Well, maybe not 90210. :)

    Emily: Haha! Hopefully I don't sound like that. Maybe when I have a cold, lol.

    Hope: Okay, next time I'm in Washington, you open the door and I'll just sing at you. Make sure you have a change of pants! :)

    And You're Awesome!

  14. I think I'm going introvert, lately, because I can't think of anything to say on blog comments! I guess I'll stick with "I'm so glad you liked the award" and I bet you're a hoot to hang with!

  15. Ahem...I watched the original 90210, thank you very much.

  16. People who eat Taco Bell and aren't afraid of embarrassment are my favorite kind of people.

  17. There are no awkward pauses around me because I refuse to feel awkward. It may be awkward for the other person, but I'm just enjoying golden silence.

  18. I'm still laughing at the amount of "Cassisms" in the original post:)

    Cheers for the award....even though I have severe OCD when it comes to cooties:)

  19. Congratulations on the award! :)

    That's the total opposite of me. I usually scramble around and fail to find anything when there are awkward silences, which makes them even more awkward.

  20. Congrats on the award. And if you're anything in person like you are here I can totally believe there are no awkward silences. =D

  21. Getting rid of awkward silences is a serious talent. I'm jealous.

  22. Lara: Haha, we'll have a code word, just you and me that'll sum up everything we wanna say but can't quite figure it out.

    Hmm.. how about Jaberwocky? :)

    Joshua: I suddenly feel very sad for you. The entire series? Cuz that's about 10 years of yuck. (Okay, maybe only 6 years. The first few seasons were okay)

    Carrie: Thanks :)

    Jolene: Oh ya! Cyber fist bump!

    Sarah: Lol. I wish I didn't feel awkward. Esp. since when I do, I'll usually say it.

    Mark: Cassisms! Oh I like that and I'm stealing it thank you.

    And what? You think I have cooties? I thought I got rid of all those!

    Golden Eagle: Lol, just sing next time :) Though I can't guarantee that won't be awkward.

    Donna: Lol. Oh man, am I that transparent even through a computer screen?

    Gwen: Oh, I like that you said it's a talent! Now I can say I have one! Haha :)

  23. Yay yay yay, I'm so happy to see Thumbs Up From Skunk making the rounds! It's nice to meet you, Cassie. I'm clicking "follow." :)

  24. Lol, your comment made me laugh--it's true! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great weekend!


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