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How To Date A Nerd: The Movie

Oh. My. Gosh. So excited for this bloghop!!!!

Took me forever to decide which book I wanted to use, but in the end, had to go with this one. So, here we go! Meet the two leading roles, plus a few songs you'd hear in the background while these characters act out their lives.

Bella Thorne

Description from her own POV:  

(Just going to throw in some one-liners, since she describes herself throughout the entire book, lol)

Jean Grey is my idol. No one will ever know, but I base most of my wardrobe off her.

I guess I’m a little too curvy. I have some love handles, but all girls have those right? Except those freaky skinny ones. My hair still looks hot even though some of the color rinsed out when Zak dumped me in the shower. I’ve always been proud of my boobs, but maybe it’s just the bra making them look so big and perky.

Steven R. McQueen

Description from Zoe's POV:

I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my waist. My breath catches as he jams his hands in his pockets. I never noticed how good his holey jeans look on him. Somehow, I’m always focused on his feathery hair and those dark eyes. So dark they don’t even look like they have pupils, or it’s just one giant pupil. And his jaw line is so chiseled, I can see the muscles contract as he chomps his teeth together, waiting for one of us to continue the conversation. All except for the nerdy shirts and personality, he’s totally datable.

And the soundtrack. I'm sure sharing a lot from the book today, lol. BLUE are lines from WIP, and GREEN are lyrics to the song that goes with it :)

Somebody That I Used To Know: Gotye
But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened
And that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger
And that feels so rough
You didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records
And then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

“Look,” he says as he tosses a blanket at me to wrap around myself. “My dad left when I was twelve. My mom was a mess, and she used work to help her escape it all. I only had one thing. You.”
My heart thumps an extra beat as his eyes meet mine.
“You took my mind off everything. Playing video games, going to conventions, watching Lord of the Rings all in one day and repeating the Elvish language to me. You made me laugh, and it was something I could only share with you.”
“Is that why it’s important to you?” I whisper.
He ignores me. “I couldn’t help but feel something more for you. I thought you felt it to, but then things got all screwed up.”
I tug the blanket around me, trying to hide the word guilt I’m sure is painted all over my body. He turns away, leaning his forehead against his door and punching the wood with his fist.
“You cut me out, Zo. The one person who helped me through everything, and you just left. Just like he did.”

Your Love Is My Drug: Kesha

What you've got boy, is hard to find
I think about it, all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind

He tucks my hair behind my ear, still rubbing my back with his other hand. He’s better at this than he gives himself credit for. He has no reason to get all jittery. Totally has me wrapped around his Nintendo controller.

And this video by Taylor Swift pretty much sums it up.Though, it's really a reversal of the roles here. :)

Big thanks to Rachel and Kyra for hosting this awesomeness! I'm afraid I got a little long-winded again. (Whoops!) Hopefully y'all at least looked at the pics, lol.


  1. Hey Claudetta:)

    You know I'm holding onto ManCard dearly..(after seven months in this mainly YA part of the community, he is now a proper noun:)

    Anyhow, you know how I feel about Jonathan WIP, but this was really great, too:) I love your voice and the *real* emotion you bring to your posts, and obviously your WIPs.

    GOOD LUCK with the hop, and forgive me if I go chest bump some dude in a manly Angels baseball jersey:)

  2. I love this hop! Great excerpts and I love your character descriptions. The songs go great with them :)

  3. Malvolio: ManCard should be a proper noun. I'd like to see a picture of the fella someday, lol.

    And thank you a ton! This is the wip I'm querying the snot out of right now, lol.

    Make sure to give me a chest bump too when you get back.

    Twentysomething: Thanks! I thought so too :)

  4. My own will be up soon. Love your song choice and your choice of actors has my interest piqued. The characters definitely have something interesting about them. Good job!

  5. I CANNOT WAIT to read this book, Cassie! The Zoe you chose looks exactly the way I pictured her in my head when I read your other excerpts.

    Lovely song choices too!

  6. I'm with Kyra. I want this book to be released, like, now, so I can read it. I love the casting for Zak. He's got "hot nerd" written all over him.

  7. Yup, that's definitely Zoe and Zak. Even though I have no idea who those actors are ;) haha.

    Great job girl! And, can we please get the offers rolling in soon. I'm dyin' in anticipation! :) haha

  8. He doesn't look like a nerd. Well, no more than most guys that age!

  9. That boob comment was too funny. Thanks for sharing.

  10. ah youth.
    great combination of actors and music =)

  11. QueendSheena: Thanks girl!

    Kyra: Oh my gosh! You made my day!

    Tobi: Hot nerd for real! Picture him in a Star Wars or Indiana Jones t-shirt, with a plaid overshirt, and a Nintendo controller, and we're good!

    Elizabeth: There are several boob descriptions, lol. I had to sift through them actually.

    Kelley: Girl, you need to watch more stuff. Vampire Diaries???

    Alex: Haha! This is the actor. He's not in full wardrobe yet. ;)

    MJ: Thanks!

    Tara: I know. I like to pretend I'm still in HS.

  12. She is a PERFECT Zoe! I like your Zak too :) Great song!

  13. Are you going to put glasses on Steven and dress him in tweed? That boy is too hot to be a nerd. I like!

  14. I'm so in love with Zoe's voice! And that is one hot nerd. :) Love it!

  15. great the song too!

  16. LOVE Taylor Swift's You Belong with Me! I've watched that video a thousand times lol or more!
    And Steven R. McQueen ... WOW ... what a freaking beautiful nerd ;) Can I date him too? lol
    Nice, nice choices!

  17. I want to read your book, Cassie! Hello? Zac? Seeing your few blurbs of him in writing had me, but that's a great picture! Awesome cast!!

  18. Hope: I knew she was Zoe when I saw her on Shake It Up. haha!

    Emily: Nerds can totally be hot. I married one ;)

    Meredith and Amber: Thank you!

    Juliana: I know! I listen to it an embarrassingly amount of times. It's just so cute! I seriously go 'awww' at the end of this video.

    Cortney: Zak is a cutie, but he's even more hot in his wardrobe (at least to me! haha!)

  19. I love your picks! And the song part is made of awesome. What a great blogfest!

    And seriously. Watch Firefly. Just sayin'.

  20. I can't wait to read this book! Love your picks, (especially Zak! Dreamy!) Thanks for playing along with us, Cassie! :)

  21. I love your choices! I love Steven McQueen in Vampire Diaries and people tell me he is hot, but he reminds me so much of my brother that it creeps me out. I also love that you gave us little glimpses into your story. I've been a fan of the premise for so long and I'm thrilled I got a little inside peek. And Taylor Swift=Awesome. I love her.

  22. Oh, I can totally see both of them! Perfect choices :)

  23. Love all the details you added, Cassie. Great casting choices for your wip. Good luck with the hop :)

  24. Zoe and Zach are totally how I picture them. And Keisha, HAHA. So Zoe.

  25. I'm proud of Belle's/Zoe's boobs too! :)

  26. Ohhhh... how fun is this??? What a fun blogfest. I'd totally participating if it weren't for the WIP ;)

    And gave you a special thank you mention on my blog today ;) <3

  27. Great pics for your characters, I also pictured them exactly that way!

  28. I love Zoe for ever for stating Jean Grey is her idol! Gret idol to have!!

    Great choice in actors!!

  29. Mark K. I'm joining you with the ManCard thingy! Cassie, love your voice and your choices, esp. Zoe! Oh, this is a fun hop, loving it!


    I totally shoulda thought of describing my peeps through the other one's eyes. NICE.

  31. Not going to lie, when this gets published, I'm gonna read it...then watch the movie. Also, I'm amazed, because that description totally matches that guy. Well done!!

  32. Zoe is pretty! This book sounds awesome! And I'd totally watch the movie!

  33. Good thing you're such a great blogger. I don't think too many of us mind when you get long winded. :)

    I went the not-so-long-winded route cause I decided to do this last minute. And when I mean last minute, I mean two hours before I was leaving town. Good thing I pre-packed.

  34. Peggy: I love that video! And gosh, I know. Firefly is on the list.

    Rachel: Thanks for hosting, girl! And I think anyone from Vampire Diaries is dreamy, lol.

    Theresa: Can I meet your brother? And I hope the tiny peeks didn't disappoint :)

    Angie: Thanks! I had the hardest time finding Zak.

    Jennifer: Thanks!

    Jenny: Oh dude, I had to really open my mind to Keisha. I spend a lot of time with the young women in my church and they listen to her all. The. Time. But this song actually did help get Zoe's voice going.

    DL: Glad you approve, lol. ;)

    Morgan: Thanks! I saw that and I love you. You just totally rock. We need to get together one of these days.

    Mom: Yay! I'm glad I got them right.

    Clare: Jean Grey is awesome!

    Jack: Hold onto the ManCard, but I don't mind cheesy compliments at all! Lol. Thanks!

    Jaycee: Thank you!

    Jolene: Haha, I was just being lazy.

    Lynn(e): I'm so glad the description matches. Zak was so hard to get perfect, cuz he's a nerd, but through Zoe's eyes, he's a freakin' hot nerd. :)

    Ashley: She's super cute! Though, I'm wondering if Bella would be able to pull off the beastly nature of Zoe in the beginning, lol. She seems too innocent!

    Suzi: Oh my gosh, thanks for saying that. I have no filter! My first drafts of anything are usually 10,000 words more than what they end up being, lol.

  35. I must read your book. Please tell me an awesome agent has it and will sign you a deal? I would also watch the movie in a heartbeat (get it, heartbeat)! Almost has an Easy A quality about it. That was a fun one. :)

  36. I'm so sad I missed this awesome event.

    I want you guys to do another!

  37. Ohh, 10,000 words for a blog post; how long do your novel first drafts run? 300,000?

  38. As if it wasn't enough for you to choose the perfect cast - you even chose the perfect SONG!!! You're so awesome!

  39. David: Gosh, you make me blush! Some awesome agents have it... but still waiting on the deal thing, lol.

    TD: It was super fun! I'm sure you can just hop in anyway, lol.

    Suzi: Silly, my first drafts for my novels. Maybe combining all my books together I'd get 300,000 words, lol.

    Leigh: Isn't that song amazing! I seriously have a little girl crush on it. :)

  40. Nice! Here's hoping for a big book deal for you:) I tagged you over on my blog:)

  41. Honey: Thanks! I'll pop on over!

  42. Ooh, love Mr. Steven McQueen up there! Is he related to Steve McQueen?

  43. I love those songs. GREAT passages!!!


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