Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't you dare push me on stage!

Doing my fears this month, in case you missed day one.

Day 11: Karaoke

Rate on scary scale from 1-10: 9

Not many people know this about me, and those that do probably don't know how much I try to keep it on the DL, but I ahem... I sing. I'm not saying I'm good or anything, certainly no Kelley Lynn, but I can bust out a tune...

But only in front of people I don't know.

Weird thing, I can't sing for any of my friends or family. Something in my voicebox shuts down and I freeze. The only time my friends or family have heard me sing is in the car or the shower. (Or in the church pew behind them.)

So the thought of doing Karaoke with a bunch of friends terrifies the crap out of me. And ya, I've been asked a few times and I always chicken out. I'm totally up for humiliating myself in front of a whole bunch of people. I do that all the time and don't care, but they are asking me to sing like for real for real.

Can't do it.

In high school I actually went to audition for the musical and ran off the stage. No kidding. I bolted from the auditorium when the music started playing. Bawled my eyes out in the bathroom and never auditioned for another play. (I did get a role in one of them. Story about that HERE.)

Trying to explain this fear is hard for me. I sing, but not for people I know. Why? Hmmm... to explain why I don't in front of my family is easy. I come from a very musically talented fam. and they are all so much better than I am, lol. As for in front of my friends or even my husband, I can't explain it at all. I'm just scared.


  1. I'm definitely not a fan of singing, on stage, in front of a large group of people. Nope.

    Or of spiders.

    Or of being on really tall ladders.

  2. Oh, I HATE Karaoke. First of all, I can never spell it right. Secondly, I have a lot of very musical friends, and I... am not. I'll sing to the radio in front of people because I think I have just enough ability not to make anyone cry (that wasn't always the case), but that's it. I totally sympathize.

  3. It's always harder to sing in front of people you know. In front of strangers, it doesn't matter if you suck cos you'll probably never see them again!

    I have this fear now more than I used to. I used to do karaoke every week, sometimes a few times a week in front of both friends and family. And sober too!

  4. I'm the opposite - I can sing in front of family and friends but not strangers. My wife says I sing well but I think she's just humoring me.

  5. I can totally see how it's be easier to sing in front of people you don't know. I would never do karaoke.. I can't sing to save my life!!!

  6. Somehow I've managed never to be faced with this terrible thing - and hope I never will!

  7. I had to laugh at your posting some of the best times I try to forget was karaoke

  8. Oh geez. You've got me blushin'

    When we get together though you have to at least do a duet with me!!! :)

    I'm sorta the same way, but not really. I don't like the impromptu, we're sitting around the dinner table and someone finds out I sing and they're like, 'oh, sing something for me'. It's like, what? We're stuffing our face with turkey and mashed potatoes and ice cream (didn't you know dairy is NOT good for the singing voice!). I can't just stop everything and sing! ;) haha

  9. I have never done karoke but I can't sing for my life. LOL.
    I was just trying to convince my internship that we needed an American Idol karoke machine... We didn't end up buying it but I kept trying to convince them, it was hilarious. "OF COURSE WE NEED TO SING LADY GAGA AT THE OFFICE!!!!! She is soooo relevant to our mission statement" :-P

  10. I wish I could sing, but fortunately for everyone I have never succumbed to Karaoke. I sympathise with this - i hate people looking at me generally - and that's before I open my mouth.

  11. I'll get up and sing in front of people; it's the talking to a room full of people--strangers or not--that terrifies me.

  12. Getting drunk, karaokying (how the heck do you spell that?!), and video evidence of it existing is a level 10 fear in my book!

  13. I don't sing in front of people - public speaking, playing the piano, whatever, I'm good, but don't you dare ask me to sing for people - even in a choir. No thank you.

  14. I've always loved making a fool of myself in front of everyone! I've never had that embarrassment gene tweaked to tell me how foolish I sound singing Karaoke! LOL That's a good thing, right?

  15. That's very true for public speaking, too. My speech kids, (and myself when I used to do it) can speak in front of a room of strangers at a meet much more easily than if front of their friends or family.

  16. Yay! I sing too!
    And it totally sucks singing in front of friends and family, but you should just rent out a karaoke room, get everyone plastered, then go for it! You'll feel so awesome when you do it!

  17. I don't sing in public either, unless it is in a choir where other people can carry me.

    I feel bad for people who LOVE to sing but are horrible. Singing is a talent you can only get so good at with practice alone. You have to have some natural talent.

  18. I'm totally with you on this one. The closest I've come to singing in public like this is when I do the vocals--with the family only--for Rock Band.

  19. I love to sing, but I'm timid when it comes to singing in front of people, too.

    But... if Adam Levine asked me to sing a duet with him, I'd faint and then sing my heart out. :D

  20. Publicly humiliating myself is one of those things I'm VERY good at. I've sung on a bus in front of 50 middle schoolers...but I agree its different in front of friends.

    I actually wrote about Karaoke today too!

  21. i love karaoke--but only after I've had some alcohol in my system.
    Just A-Zing around!

  22. I also come from a musically gifted family and they love karaoke but I hate it. I've been dragged to too many karaoke bars for my comfort.

  23. My voice was ruined one year when I got really sick and I haven't sung in front of anyone since. Sometimes our fears aren't always rational. :)

  24. You better hope we never run into each other. I might start an impromptu hallway duet. *Grins*

  25. Um...yeah. I'm totally with you on this, except the singing in front of strangers thing. I just don't sing in front of anyone (by myself, anyway). People claim I can sing well (if they're standing next to me and we're caroling or something), but yeah. I freeze in front of people and turn into a squeaky little mess.

  26. @ Cassie: Seriously.. don't you know that undergarments were optional in France - especially for those of us wearing Pink Shirts :)

    PS.... seriously... you can sing... my gosh, woman... what can you not do ;)

    I would *love* to go Kareoke with you, Morgs and Leibby... Oh my, *that* would be FUN :)

  27. I've done it exactly once and it will never be repeated ever again. I sang, got great applause, then puked. In public. Never again!

  28. LOL. I sing too..just not in public cause I know I'm tone deaf! But I would think you'd be very fun to sing with...and I might just sing Kareoke with you! haha.

  29. Yeah, I don't sing in front of anyone. I can't sing... except in the shower and the car, there I rock! :)

  30. Must be a challenge with such a musically talented husband and family! I won't sing in front of people either. I'll belt it out in the car, or in my room, or while vacuuming, but no way no how in front of people! And if I have to sing with kids at school they better know the words cause I'm super quiet (k, probably mouthing the words) :)

  31. Run off crying? You have my sympathies. For me it's simple. I can't sing so I don't plan to scare people by doing karaoke. I've done some singing at home but always in limited quatities in other people's presence.

    I was in Drama Club in High School (in Jamaica that's 7th-12th grade). Unfortunately I only participated in one drama activity because my family wasn't supportive of my love for the arts and roadblocked me going to anymore. But I enjoyed the one I got to do (it was at a gospel concert and a real one at a venue with paid tickets. Not one at school where parents are nice because it's their kids or to boost student egos. Our performance was loved and we afterwards we were truly a talented group). Also my club was supportive and when I couldn't go to the meetings (further family interferenace) they still let me take pictures with them for the year book anyway every year.

    Everyone has fears so don't worry about it. Focus on your other talents and enjoy yourself.

  32. I totally get this. I'm the same way. Tho my singing voice is hardly american idol worthy. But I love to sing... and do much better around strangers.

  33. Kyra: Wow! I give you props girl. I've never been able to sing in front of my family.

    T Drecker: I've been faced with it a couple times... I hope I never have to again!

    Rachel: Bwhahahaha! That's awesome! I wish you would've won that argument, lol.

    Jack: I like making a fool of myself in front of people. That's fun. But when they ask me to be serious? Um, not happening, lol.

    Jackie: Oh! I think if Josh Groban asked me I'd first like fawn over him then die. Then come back and sing like an angel. ;)

    nutschell: All I need is a lot of caffeine and I may just be 'drunk' enough to be convinced.

    Emily: Same here. Not bars, but def. karaoke parties.

    Jasmine: Yikes! Mono or something?

    Sheena: Ya, it totally sucks cuz the auditorium was hecka full. Everyone thought I went off to puke. Nope, just cry.

    PK: I love to sing too. Totally jam it out in my car. :)

  34. it's just the people that scare me!
    i bet that those i do sing around wish i wouldn't! i have a voice that oscillates between "cat in a blender" and "fog horn"


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