Monday, April 30, 2012

I Owe the Hubs a New Shirt

Doing my fears this month, in case you missed day one.

Day 26 (Last one!): Zombies

Rate on the scary scale from 1-10: 10!

I wonder how many posts will be on zombies today.

Funny thing, I'm terrified... and I mean piss my pants terrified of zombies... but I can't stop watching zombie shows (and loving them).

The scariest zombies (for me) are in 28 Days Later. Any zombie that I have to have super advanced cardio in order to survive? Ya, no thanks!

The Walking Dead freaked me out because of the lack of music in that show. I never knew when to expect a zombie (or walker) or when not to. And when things did happen that made me jump, I would also scream and tear my hubby's shirt. (Yeah, I ripped the buttons off once and bit a hole in the back of it.) But show was addictive and freakin' awesome, so I will endure the zombies for that one.

Zombieland cracked me up, but still scared me.

Same with Shaun of the Dead.

Speaking of... Dawn of the Dead I watched for a whole ten minutes before I shut it off and had nightmares for a month. Whenever the boy would come in the middle of the night I'd freak thinking he was there to eat me.

Resident Evil... ya, I won't even go there. Games and movies alike.

I've told everyone I know whenever the zombie apocalypse comes up in discussion (and in my awesome circle of friends, it comes up quite a bit) I let them know I'm letting myself get bit. Here's my logic.

1. I hate running for my life and living every second waiting to be pounced on.
2. There's the whole thing about if zombies actually have souls and whatnot. If I'm a zombie, guess I'll have that figured out.
3. I'm not a vegetarian, so eating meat no matter what kind won't be totally against my moral code.
4. I'm terrified of guns, so there's no way I'd be able to use one.
5. If I were given a weapon, I'd probably end up hurting myself by falling on it or trying to do some super ninja move.

On a side note, do you think that zombies have any other desires besides hunger? I mean, there's vampire and werewolf love stories. Why not a zombie one? Or is that too close to Necrophilia?


  1. Zombie romance? Hmmm. It just might work. Who knows, the next blockbuster romance might just feature a pair of undead lovers. I know I'd definitely put down money to read that. :))

  2. Zombie romance? Now you want them breeding as well?

  3. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I think I'd be one of the first ones dead (or, um, undead). I'm not stealthy, I'm not particularly tough, and I can't run worth a damn. I can swing a baseball bat pretty well, but that will probably only take me so far.

  4. Haha, AWESOME choice. We overcrossed a lot on this one.

    It's been a lot of fun reading your posts during this challenge. Looking forward to going head to head with you some more in the cinema trivia!!!

  5. Zombies lack the brain function necessary for lust. Just saying.

    Although now you have me wondering about zombie rigor mortis, and I really wasn't planning on thinking about zombie penis this morning.

  6. Read "The Serpent and the Rainbow"'s about true life zombies, and yes, they had feelings.
    (Honestly, I read this in high school and enjoyed it...haven't read it lately)

  7. have to say i scanned this post! i hate horror flicks! blech!

    awesome job on admitting your alphabetical fears!

  8. Bleh, those pics turned my stomach! I'm not a zombie fan AT ALL. I tried reading Dearly, Departed, a YA zombie-kinda-love story where the girl actually DOES fall for a hot zombie guy (or so I think--I never finished it). But I didn't get far into the story, partly because the author kept switching POV's and it was hard to follow, for me.

  9. Zombies cool. If the apocalypse comes though, I'll use a gun. My legs are not that fast.

    So sad to see A-Z ending. I'll miss going to your blog everday.

  10. Ok, so I'm a little creeped out by zombies myself. I didn't actually read this post. I saw the title, scanned the pics, shrieked, and am leaving a comment to say...

    I'm so glad I've gotten to "know" you this month! I look forward to reading your blog, just a little less frequently since I won't be online every day ;)

  11. Gawd I love zombies. They totally creep me out no doubt but I heart them all the same.

    Zombie romance?... how interesting. But I do not think it's possible. The body rots and parts fall off. Do you get where I'm going with this. Not a good thing. IMO!

    So if the apocalypse does come - I'm shooting you first. Just saying. And that's before you turn. I don't need you chasing me and I definitely don't need you trying to breed.

  12. Ew on the pictures. Not a fan of zombies but love Forest of Hands and Teeth series. Anxious to read This Is Not A Test. Congrats on finishing A to Z.

  13. I definitely draw the line at zombie romance.

    I too am terrified of zombies but I can't stop watching The Walking Dead. Also, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies.

    And if the zombies are anything like those in 28 Days Later, I won't survive long. Although, there's a goo chance the same will be true even if they're the really slow kind.

  14. Um, there IS a zombie romance! It's called "Dearly, Departed" by Lia Habel, and you HAVE to read it, because the main zombie guy is HOT and the book itself is freakin' awesome.

    I had to cover some of the pictures you posted... I will have nightmares. It's a lot easier to read about zombies than to watch them. Ten on the scary scale for sure.

  15. I will survive the zombie apocalypse. Oh yes I will.

  16. Funny you should mention it, but I've seen a bunch of zombie romances in YA over the past year, so someone is on that...

  17. Ugh, Zombie Romance. Just. Can't. Do it! LOL. I'm not too crazy about Zombies. I LOVE the zombies in Carrie Ryan's books. But they're just not my thing.

    So if their is a Zombie Apocalypse I should stay near you because you'll make a good sacrifice so I can run and get away?

  18. I LOVE Zombieland!

    The rest...not so much. LOL.

    They terrify me. :D

  19. It's interesting how Zombies have morphed over the years from the slow moving but focused creepy things in the 1950s to some seriously ominous and much cleverer and faster moving today.

  20. Ew! Those pictures are so gross!!!!!


    I'm so glad that fear month is over... Cass, I don't know how you live with so many fears... Please say you didn't miss any??? *titter* ;)

  21. So zombies aren't that scary for me. Which is weird because every other monster is terrifying. But zombies make me laugh.

  22. Hey,

    Back from the dead... we were on a "stay-cation."

    Only you would want to have the Zombies hook up and get it on... what would you call the offspring?



    ZZ Top?

  23. Michael: Apparently, there's some out there. I'm gonna go google these books and see if they can pull it off!

    Tara: Ignore the pictures and the post isn't that scary :)

    Ilima: I haven't heard of either. The only zombie books I've read are The Walking Dead GN, which are awesome, btw. :)

    Darci: I think I have to read it to find out how a zombie is hot, lol.

  24. I can't do zombies EXCEPT in Carrie Ryan's trilogy. But the shows and movies - not a chance.

  25. seriously had to stop watching Walking Dead because I couldn't go to sleep after. Found Shaun of the Dead very amusing though!

  26. Yeah I totally agree Zombies rate way up on the scale probably a 20 for me.

  27. Okay ... I had to skim through this because I can't look at the pictures. Yeah - I'm that big of a wuss. I don't even watch zombie shows really because I can't watch scary shows any more! The hubs is out of town too much and I can't take it alone! lol.

    I did watch LEGEND. Does that count?

  28. ...Don't you dare bite me during the zombie apocalypse, Cassie! :P

  29. HAHA. I'd probably hurt myself with a weapon too :)

  30. I watch zombie movies and love The Walking Dead comics, TV series,and video game.
    With that said, I get freaked out!!! I jump, dig my nails into my hubby's hand (not on purpose), scream, shield my eyes with my hand and peek through. So why do I keep watching? I have no idea. LOL


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