Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh My Hottie Hot Hero Bloghop

First, have to thank our awesome hosts Jaycee and Victoria for this bloghop!!! I'm excited to read today's entries :)

Since I'll be posting for the A to Z (Scroll down if you are here for that :) I've asked Hayley to interview Brody today. They are quite the pair! Take it away you guys :) 

Sup home slices! I got my number one peep here to answer all those questions to make girls drool over him. You ready for this Brody?

Wait a second, you told me we were gonna be doin’ a survey.

It is a survey… sort of. And you lost the bet we made last week, so you have to do it anyway.

Fine, a deal’s a deal, Hayles. Shoot.

Okay, we’ll start with an easy one. Favorite movie. Go!

Zombieland. Movie is badass!

Um... ya, that’s a good one for sure.

Oh, sorry. Forgot you don’t like the cussin’. It’s off the hook?

Do people still say that?

What would you say?

It’s friggin’ awesome!

Well, there you go.

Okay, next question!
How would your friends describe you in one word?

I dunno. How would you describe me?

Clever, Bro-Yo. I guess I’ll answer one question for you, but you can’t cop out on the rest. Hmmm…


Don’t make that face! It’s a compliment! There aren’t enough sweet guys in the world.

You make it sound like I’m your brother.

Well, you wanted me to answer, so that’s what you’re getting. Next one! How would you describe yours truly?

You? Ah hell… I mean heck… you’re so wonderfully weird. I never have to worry about what I’m gonna say or if it sounds stupid or whatever ‘cause you just get me. I’m nervous as crap ‘cause you make me that way, but it’s ‘cause you’re a ten.

I take it back.


My one word.


I would describe you as sexy.

Uh… next question, before my ears burn off.

Okay. What is the first thing you notice about a woman that you find attractive?

Her ass… shit… I mean! Dammit! I mean… dang it! Her… rear?

Oh my gosh! You totally just said rear!

Butt? Bumb? Backside? Trunk? Tooshie?

Okay, okay! You likey the hiney!

Just bein’ honest.

Last question. You ready? It’s a tough one.

Go for it.

What do you value most in a potential love interest?

Dude, Hayles, you should know that already.

I should? Remind me.

Strength I guess. Someone who’s not afraid to be herself. Someone who has the best attitude despite all the shi… crap that comes her way. Someone like… well, like you, Hayles.

Holy freakin’ flying jellybeans.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Well, that was the last question. How do you think you did?

Can I get a kiss from you, yet? ‘Cause that’s all that matters to me.

Smooth Brody, real smooth.


  1. Heh, great job! They sound like a lot of fun1

  2. They make a cute couple. They really bounce off each other well, and you can see the chemistry between them.

  3. Brody is a playa! I loved this. It's great you chose Hayley for the intervew, the two of them meshed really well. If Brody were real and my age, I'd give him my number. Awesome bloghop post Cassie!

    My hero is kind of off-kilter though. But they are so many steamy heroes in other participants blog. Remember to move around!

  4. Great couple, Cassie! Oooh, I can feel the energy radiate from them! :)

  5. Awww! That was adorable! They're so cute together!

  6. So funny. But nothing less than a Cassie interview will do. These two are great together.

  7. I didn't blog hop because of edits, now I feel left out of the fun...see Elizabeth pout.

  8. Holy freaking' flying jellybeans! That made me laugh.

  9. Oh, aren't they cute! Great interview. :)

  10. I always love your blog hop posts, Cassie! I always laugh a lot with them. Great job!
    And Brody sounds amazing!

  11. I've missed them :) You are great at funny romance!!!

  12. Brody is off the hook--no matter how dated that sounds. :)

  13. Oh I loved both of them. Why have I not read this book?

  14. Very cute Cassie. You got some ubber funny characters here and I love your heros wit. And who doesnt love a man with a good potty mouth haha. Thanks for doing the hop!

  15. Fun post, Cassie. That blond kid looks . . . like a kid. lol

  16. I won't lie, this was my response:
    "I like this Brody guy... I like his interaction with this Hayley girl... Oh! He's Sterling Knight, that's way better!"

    I am too old to know and like SK, but what's a girl to do?

    Cute romance going on in this interview, and that's talent!

  17. "That's not me! That's that kid from the Disney Channel."

    Hah! I love it. :D

  18. ooh, Sterling Knight /bringssmellingsaltstohisnoseinordertorecoverhiswits/

  19. Ok... he's a cutie. I don't think I could put him in the "hot" category because he looks like he's about 14!!! But fun post :)

  20. Kyra: They are a ton of fun to write :)

    Clare: Thank you!

    Sheena-kay: Hayley's a lot better at getting Brody out of his comfort zone than I am :)

    Jack: Thank you!

    Jackie: I heart him too.

    Suzi: One of her many off the wall comments :)

    Juliana: Oh my gosh, you made my day! Thank you!

    Ilima: Off the heezy! LOL.

    Victoria: Thanks girl! Thank you for hosting!

    Bailey: I think SK is such a little cutie! Loved him in 17 Again.

    Carrie: LOL, thanks :D

    Jenn: LOL, he's 17 in this picture I think. And it's just Brody's smile that looks the same :)

  21. Ah! Sweetness overload!
    Must huggle cute boy.

  22. I want to know these guys! So funny :)

  23. Gah, too cute!

    Okay, okay, you likey the hiney. This line was too funny.

  24. I really liked his fun personality, and he is a cutie! I think he would make a very compelling hero :)


  25. Great interview and he's cute. :) And kudos to you for doing A-Z and a blog hop.

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Love it, love it, love it!!! I especially liked him arguing about the picture - too funny! :D

  27. Oh my God that was hilarious. Favorite part definitely:

    Her ass… shit… I mean! Dammit! I mean… dang it! Her… rear?
    Oh my gosh! You totally just said rear!
    Butt? Bumb? Backside? Trunk? Tooshie?

    Ha! Awesome! And The Disney kid, too funny. My character wasn't too happy with his look alike either.

  28. LOL This was a great interview. They had energy and attitude like Tracy and Hepburn.

  29. I want to meet these guys!!!

    NOW! :)


    I mean, more than just this 'survey' :)

  30. I think I was on a work trip on something when you posted this.

    They sound so fun. You always create the best characters. ;0)


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