Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Feeling Sexy and Sweet

First, thanks to all my wonderful peeps and for some awesome people I hadn't really met before for tweeting and FB-ing my Flash Fiction post. Guys, I've never written flash fiction, so you totally made me goofy grin all day long.

It must be award season, cuz they're flying around the blogosphere like no other! I received a couple more shout outs, and two of the awards I've already gotten, so I'm gonna say a BIG THANK YOU to Melissa and Laura!

Also got the Stylish Blog award from Martha, (Thank you!) and score! Haven't gotten that one yet, so I'll just add it to that big huge sidebar thing that I should really think about organizing.

Alright, so these awards came with questions which I've already answered, but Melissa said she'd like to hear more random from moi. A dangerous request... but I accept!

Once the spewage starts, it's hard to stop, just sayin'.

1. I have been known by the following nicknames: Dribble, Owl, Cookie, Knuckle Dragger, Cassie Maybe, that one girl who talks to herself, and Cassandra Veronica. (Yeah, I don't remember why he called me that, but I just went with it.)

Then of course all the C-names Mark can think of :)

2. I like to tell people when they first ride with me in the car that I was in 7 car accidents within my first year of driving, just so I can see the look on their faces. But in my defense, only 5 were my fault.

3. I have an Edward poster in my basement that I sometimes forget is there, and when it's dark, that pasty white guy scares the crap out of me.

4. When singing in the car, I'll keep singing as I get out of the car. One time, I got out singing the line "I'm feeling sexy and sweet." And the guy next to me in the parking lot sang the next line. He officially became the coolest stranger ever.

5. I've woken up stark naked twice this week, and have no idea how I got that way.

Alright, I'm stopping there to try to keep this post short :) I'm working on the whole talking too much thing. 

Oh, and let's give the Stylish Blogger award to...

and DL

Also, Alex should know he's an honorary recipient of all the awards I pass along, I just have no idea how many you've gotten! I think I've always assumed you just have them all already, lol.

Okay, everyone have a great weekend! Peace out! (The cool people still say that you know ;) )


  1. All hail the time difference in Hawaii... I'm surrounded by dinner dishes while many of you in the East Coast are surrounded by dishes as the clock struck midnight and the clubs get rocking...

    (Hey, what is he even talking about??)

    *I dunno, I told you to take a left a half-hour ago*

    Anyway, Cassidy (it's Irish and it means "witty") I did an inventory and I still have 349 names left to go :)

    Congrats on yet another fun, spewing TMI-filled post :)

  2. I wonder if Edward misses Bella while he is in your basement. He should get out more.

  3. LOL at fact 2 - I think I'd probably get the bus! ;)

  4. "Only five were my fault"... hahahaha.

    I do the singing in/out of the car thing too. People usually don't sing back though. Their loss.

  5. Haha, #3 made me laugh out loud! That poster would freak me out, too. :)

  6. Only five were your fault - well that changes everything!
    And thank you Cassie - I think I do have most, but need to go check my sidebar again.
    Congratulations and thanks for a chuckle first thing in the morning.

  7. I understand your pain about the car accident thing. I've had a similar thing happen (although not 7 times-and they mostly were not my fault). About a month after I got my first car (in high school) it was totaled when a guy rear-ended us.

    My dad still likes to bring up that story cause my parents were out of town and when they called to check in, my older (in college) brother told them I got into a little accident.

    They got home to find out the car was totaled. SUPRISE! Non of us (me & my 2 friend) were hurt though, so it was okay.

  8. Are those pesky aliens probing you at night again? *Shaking head*


    Congrats on your awards and thank you for the recognition!

  9. I was just brushing my hair getting as I got ready to take my daughter to preschool and I remembered I forgot to say thank you. Duh!

    So thank you for the lovely award! I hope you didn't think I was some kind of ungrateful loser. I just kinda got wrapped up in my car accident story. :)

    I think I'm gonna stop at Mickey Ds to get my caffeine fix. My fridge is caffeine-less. (Well it's not, it's got Diet Coke, but that totally sucks.)

  10. Love these answers, Cassie. LOL at the "5 of those accidents were my fault." You are too funny. I hope you are writing a humorous YA book or something soon because you'd rock at it!

  11. That parking lot stranger rocks.

    I have an outdated Twilight calendar in my walk-in-closet where I change so Edward gets to see me naked everyday. Lucky him.

    And thanks for the award!

  12. i don't know the song of which you speak, but that stranger rocks!

    as do you, my dear.

    and i blame jake-like dreams for the mysterious awakenings... :)

  13. Nothing like reading a little Cassie in the morning to get the day of to a great start :) Love you girl!!!

  14. Ok so the accidents would really have me rethink about riding with you behind the wheel. And then you sing while driving which would add to your apparent driving handicap.

    BUT now you wake up naked and have no idea why. This makes me think many things...aliens forgot to re-dress you, your hubby is having his fun at your expense, or your dreams are "sexy and sweet". If it's the latter, I wonder what your hubby thinks while witnessing you undress yourself?

  15. Kyra: But then you wouldn't get to hear me bust a tune! lol

    Rachel: Yup, rom com is in the works :)

    Ilima: Oh! You think it'd be creepy if I go downstairs just to undress?

  16. That dude was totally the coolest stranger ever!!!! Congrats on all the awards. They are well-deserved!

  17. Perhaps the husband was to blame for #5?

    Thanks for the award! You are so sweet. :) I was just telling someone about you and how cool you are and how I'm excited for when you become famous and I can be all, "yeah, I totally knew she would be. That's right. I know her."

  18. I've always wanted to bust out in song just to see if anyone around me would join in. That must of been cool.

  19. I"m feeling frazziled at work and I totally needed the laugh today.

    And, Cookie, I'm NEVER riding in a car with you.

  20. Congrats on getting awards!! I read your flash fiction, it was nice and funny.

  21. 7 accidents the first year... wow, that would scare me a little too. :) That sounds like an awesome stranger!

    Congrats on the award!

  22. Lisa: Thanks! And it was so great! He totally didn't look like the kind of kid who knew the song Domino, lol.

    Sheena: Oh thank you!!!

    Krista: Thanks! And most of those accidents were fender benders. High school parking lot. Hazard zone

  23. I can top you number of accidents. I was in 13 by the time I was 13. Most of them just finder benders. My sister was older and tended to like to hit things with her car.

  24. Ahem. You forgot Cassiopeia! :P Congratulations!

  25. The reason you forget Edward is there is because he's NOT always there. Sometimes he climbs up the stairs, one Scotch-taped corner at a time, to watch you sleep.

    He's also responsible for the little noises coming from downstairs - that's him humming "Never Think."

    I know. Mine does the same thing.

  26. I love #4! That would be so cool :-)

  27. It was worth coming here for number two alone.


    If I drive with you. I AM DRIVING.

  28. This was a fun blog. :)

    Btw, I've tagged you!

  29. You are always so funny Cassie. I always look forward to visiting here! My life has been so hectic lately, hopefully things will slow down so so I can visit on a regular basis! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend - cheers!

  30. You crack me up!!! And you might want to interrogate the hubs about the nightly strip downs!

  31. I just love when I connect with a stranger. It's like a movie moment.

  32. A poster of Edward would creep me out too!

  33. Just dropping in to let you know that I selected you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by to claim!

  34. I don't know. I'd feel pretty safe if I saw a poster of Edward in my basement. He'd probably kill all those spiders for me. :D


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