Friday, June 1, 2012

I didn't fart. It was the baby.

Okay, got a couple more awards and I'm going to thank LG for another Versatile award (THANK YOU!) and Ermie for the Kreativ blogger (THANK YOU!) and skip the part where I do all that stuff I've already done :)

And this cool award from Jaycee.

Granted to me because she believes I need a break from routine. Anyone feel like babysitting and writing the last little bit of my WIP? 'Cause I'll take you up on that.

Also met this awesome blogger, Sabrina, who bestowed upon me the Fabulous Blog Ribbon award. And I'm going to do the stuff for this one 'cause it sounds fun, and I didn't have anything else to do for today. (Yay for prompts!)

The "Rules":
  1. Post the rules on your blog. (check)
  2. Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
  3. Name five things you love.
  4. Name five things you hate.
  5. Pass the Ribbon on to five other bloggers. Leave them a comment to notify them of this. (I'm not so good at this part. Hopefully the people I pass it to will see it if I forget to tell them, lol.)

Fabulous moments :)

When I beat up the kid on the playground when he kissed me after I threatened him not to. I was taken seriously after that.

When I learned I could blow raspberries on my boobs.

When I had newborns to blame for any gas that may have leaked out of my post-prego butt.

When I was grounded from ever mowing the lawn again after I broke the lawn mower.

When I discovered you could melt peanut butter to pour over chocolate ice cream.

Five things I love.

Harry Potter.

Beating the hubs at any video games.

Harry Potter.

Sleeping longer than 5 hours.

Harry Potter.

Five things I hate.



Being witness to awful and over the top flirting. (gag)

People who say they're fat when they're skinnier than me.

When your nipple ring snags on your shirt when you're taking it off. 

(Haha! I'm totally kidding. But I bet that wouldn't feel good.)

Five bloggers who get this awesomeness:

Alex (because he gets all the awards I do.)





I suck at ending these things really suave and stuff. I need a catch phrase or something.

Pretend I said something really profound :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lol you beat up the kid because he kissed you? You must have been one tough girl, haha!

    Hmmm, melted peanut butter over chocolate ice cream... should definitely try it some time.

    I also hate it when people say they're fat when they're skinnier than me. Lol.

    Thanks for doing the award thingy, I'm glad you accepted it!

  2. Congrats. I can see you really love Harry Potter. Clearly. The part about the nipple ring made me do a double take. :))

  3. My mission - should I choose to accept it - Oh, Ok, then... is to come up with a Catchphrase that is at least as cool as DPK's :)

    And you *know* I can't use your name, 'cos, well I change it all the time :)

    PS... Seriously... you know all these peeps and you give me the same award as Alex... (it doesn't matter that he gets *all* your awards, I'm still thanks.


    PPS.. Hey, Alex, good morning.. I beat you to the comments :)~

    (The Borg alarm must need new batteries, or I live in Hawaii


  4. YES! Skinny people saying they're fat is a huge irritation.

    And ... did you say you can blow raspberries on your boobs?! Is there no end to your talents? ;)

  5. I LOVE tomatoes. Once when I was a toddler I raided some from the fridge. Yes, I raided tomatoes. Who says kids never eat healthy. Aw yes Harry Potter, a lifetime love for me as well.

    Good post, nice lists and congrats on awards.

  6. Thanks, Cassie - and I don't have this one! And I'm going to melt my peanut butter before pouring it on my pancakes now. Never thought of that!
    And you're not allowed near my lawn mower.

  7. I just choked on my toast more then once.

    1st Thanks! You rock balls -err- boobs!

    HP of course. Dude, the gas thing is totally true! Blowing rasp's on my boobs is the only reason I like them. *thanks for the large coconuts God* and the chicks that say they are fat and are skinnier than me, pisses me off!

  8. I stopped reading after raspberries and boobs! And I thought admitting to playing target practice in the toilet was bad!! :)

    Congrats on your awards!!

  9. I'm thinking an appropriate sign off would be "Mischief Managed" or "Nox." If it's a particularly embarrassing post, "Obliviate" would do nicely. And if you're referencing a previous post, link it with "Prior Incantato."

    Now if I can just get "Scourgify" to work and clean my damn house.

  10. Melting peanut butter for ice cream? Why has this never occurred to me? I gotta go to the grocery store and get some ice cream.

  11. "Pretend I said something really profound" sounds like a good catch phrase to me!
    Congratulations on all the awards! And good job beating that kid up, that's awesome. ;)


    This has now become one of my most fabulous moments, so thank you.

    Also, I had no idea you were so into Harry Potter. :)

  13. I was grounded from mowing the lawn too! And I'm proud to say I've never it done it since ;)

  14. Great answers!!! New follower :)


  15. Sabrina: Yes I did. Maybe that's why I didn't have my first 'real' kiss till 17.

    And thank you! It was way fun :)

    Michael: As it was meant to :)

    Kyra: Drives me crazy!! and yes, I sure can. I can also put my legs over my head, which is an accomplishment because they have to get past the huge knockers first.

    Sheena: You raided tomatoes? Weirdo, lol. I was a normal kid who raided the fridge for Mommy and Daddy's caffeine riddled sodas. :)

    Ilima: Rachel Ray gave me that tip! It's delicious!!!

    Books Ahoy: Thanks :)

  16. Good taste in the things you love. Great repetition there which is the true sign of your great taste. lol

    I don't think I even want to know about the raspberries . . .


  17. Rasp boobs. HAHA. And you should sign off with something Harry Potterish.

  18. I know what's for dessert tonight (and it's not me blowing raspberries on my boobs for my husband).

  19. You are HILARIOUS! (So much so that it needed to be said in all caps.) And I get the gas thing. Half the time it happens I blame it on them, the other half I give my husband a wicked smile while he gives me one of disgust.

  20. There isn't a push-up bra in the world that would allow me to blow raspberries on my boobs, so I will bow down to your awesomeness.

  21. Ha ha ha!! Hilarious! And tomatoes are the worst thing EVER! Just sayin'.

  22. awesome awards! hilarious answers! and thanks for giving me one! i don't have it & it looks fun!

    & your catch phrase could be

    it was the baby!

    or you know me, I'm Cassie!

    i'll think about it and get back to you =)

  23. Yay awards, and Harry Potter!! I was listening to the sixth book on CD on the way to my mom's last weekend (I prefer to listen to Jim Dale do the voices than to just read it myself anymore), AND I have the lego HP games on my iPod, and now my 4 y/o is waaay into Harry Potter. Yesterday he drew between his eyes and when I asked him what it was, he said a lightning bolt, and he's been carrying a pencil around as his wand. Yeah, we're HP fans. :-p

  24. pfft...

    Oops! Sorry! That kid. Yeah.

  25. Thanks for passing the award on to me, Cassiopeia! I appreciate it. :D

    I hate tomatoes, too! They're so seedy and... fleshy and... bleh!

    Oh my gosh. The bit about the nipple ring killed me! LOL

  26. Oh my God, if I got 5 hours of sleep in a row I could probably take over the world. I love that and miss it profoundly! LOL. As always, you are so deserving of the awards and keep me in stitches! Congrats!

  27. Awesome awards, Cassie!

    Highly approve of your 1, 3 and 5 faves. :) I can't endorse #2 as I'm a husband constantly trying to beat my wife at games.

    Hey, she's got me in the brains and beauty department, I've gotta have something. Right?

  28. Prerna: Bwhahaha! I do that too, but I wait till he smells it first.

    Tara: I can't wait to see your answers!

    Carrie: Oh my gosh, the word fleshy just made me gag a little.

    Lisa: Yes! I miss the days I slept 14 hours and was still a zombie during most of the day.

  29. My jaw literally dropped at the nipple ring comment, lol. I have a lip ring, and it sucks to get it caught on food, in towels, on my retainer, etc. I'd imagine the nip would hurt quite a bit more...

  30. Whiny skinny people do need slapped! And getting your nipple ring caught in your sweater does hurt! Just kidding...I don't have one either.

  31. Congrats on the awards! Just the thought of getting a nipple ring makes me think of pain, LOL!


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