Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm not going grocery shopping for a while

How about a story today?

Last week I was grocery shopping, feeling a little poopy, but the house was completely void of food and when the hubs goes shopping, all we end up with is chips and soda and a huge grocery bill of food that lasts about 3 days.

I'm not a fan of coffee... taste or smell. And I usually plug my nose when I walk by the beans because it makes me gag. It's in the back of the store, but the second I walked in the smell shot through my nose like it had specifically targeted me.

Weird thing though, it didn't repulse me. In fact, I was practically drooling. It smelt so yummy I actually went over to the beans and inhaled for about 5 minutes. Then I figured I better start actually shopping, heading over to the produce.

Gag. I mean serious gag. I almost vomited all over the mangos. Which I LOVE. The taste and smell. They must've been rotten or something, but the same thing happened with the apples and bananas. It was so bad I ran back over to the coffee and sucked in some sweet beany scent.

I only made it about halfway through my shopping before my stomach was so churned I had to get out of there.

The thing about Winco (my grocery store), there are about 50 check out lanes but only 2 open at a time. And also, they don't bag your items. You bag your items. They set it on a conveyer belt that sends it down to the bagging area. Once you pay, all your groceries are on the conveyer belt still and you bag them. So, you unload, they scan, you bag. It's a pain in the butt, but the prices are really low there, so I can handle bagging my own stuff.

Well, normally.

That day I was on edge and felt like crap, and the lady in front of me had NOTHING BUT PRODUCE, and the poor kid scanning was training. Which means I was in line for... I'm not lying... a half an hour, waiting for them to finish. They were both like, "Thank you for your patience." When really, I was ready to drop everything and come back later.

Anyways, by the time I got out of there, I was hot, grumpy, and all those smells were still making my tummy turn. It did not help when I walked in the door and hubs just laughed at me and asked if I was pregnant.

I threw the box of Frosted Flakes at his head before he went out and bought me a pregnancy test. Which I took with rolled eyes and a 'just 'cause I'm grumpy and sick does not mean there's a baby in my belly'.

But in this case, it did.

So, yes, I'm prego :) Baby #3 on the way and pregnant Cassie will be taking over this blog for 9 months. (I apologize right now because she's quite the character.)

Also, because I'm experiencing some major morning sickness (this is why I've been flaky in my blogging) I'm going to be taking a little break. I'll still be posting and visiting, but not as much as I normally do. And I apologize to everyone who's book I'm critiquing! Words make my eyes cross and stomach go *flop* so it's taking me longer than normal.

Harry Potter spell for the day because I want you to happy dance with me :)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS CASSIE :) SO excited for you. Yay :) xxxx Big big hugs :) xx

  2. As soon as I saw your comment about coffee I thought "preggers" lol

    I'm the opposite, a complete coffee junkie. Only time the smell of coffee has made me want to barf is when I'm pregnant.

    Huge congrats :)

  3. Congrats! :D I saw it coming too when I read your coffee story. On a side note, my worst smell when going shopping is people smoking right outside the door when you walk in, I hope your shop doesn't have that. Particularly bad if you have kids or are pregnant (not that I have experience of that, but I do have kids, so... yeah). Anyway, sorry to hijack your post. Congrats again!!

  4. Seriously, only you could take a trip to the grocers and turn into into a pregnancy announcement :)

    I bet the old gals at the New York Tines classified section are roiling around in their retirement homes :)

    PS, and most importantly, sincere congrats from our home to yours.

    God bless and I'm glad to hear you'll be taking it a bit easy :)

  5. Congratulations Cassie, how exciting!!!!!

    I'll be waiting for you to share you pg dreams... hahahaha!

    hope the morning sickness doesn't last long!

  6. OMG! That was my first thought at the beginning of the post.

    Congratulations!!! So excited for you.

    Can't wait to meet pregnant Cassie cause regular Cassie is quite the character too! :)

    Congrats to you and your hubby.

  7. I was thinking "pregnant" the whole time I read this. Congrats. And I'm excited for what preggo Cassie will bring to the blogosphere. Cue maniacal laughter.

  8. Congratulations. Babies are such fun; though pregnancy stinks...but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do!
    And if it helps...lemons for morning/all day sickness. Lemonade, lemon heads. Even fresh lemons. I ate so many I ruined the enamel on my teeth! (not advising that!)

  9. Congratulations!! That's all I could think the whole time I was reading your post! Scents really bugged me when I was pregnant, too.
    Yay for baby #3!!

  10. YAY!!! Congratulations!!! I'm quite looking forward to meeting pregnant Cassie. This sounds like fun. :-)

    Hope your morning sickness goes away soon!

  11. Sounds like someone needs the Bubble-Head Charm to breathe easier. Congrats on the new parasite sucking your life force.

  12. As soon as I saw the post about smells I wondered. Congrats! I hope the sickness goes away (on my third, great big cups packed with ice, water and lemon wedges worked).

  13. AW: Why does pregnancy mess with our noses? I'm tempted to buy a can of coffee beans just to inhale them, lol. And thank you!

    Michael: Thanks!

    Ilima: Haha! Pregnant Cassie is a lot crankier than normal Cassie. I hope she doesn't ruin my reputation. And thank you!

  14. Yay!!! Congratulations! I hope the morning sickness goes away soon!

  15. WOW!!!!! Congrats! I was reading that thinking: "hmmm . . . I wonder if she is pregnant . . ." Well congrats, congrats, congrats! Here is wishing you a smooth pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby!

  16. Congratulations... and yes, I guessed/wondered too when you mentioned the coffee... Looks like you were the last to know :-)

    I hope the morning sickness doesn't last too long.

  17. Squee! Congrats, and I really hope the estrogen driven hyper-olfactory sensory goes down soon (see what happens when I don't want to say what everyone else is saying but that's what I really wanted to say???)

    In short ::happy dance::

  18. You know how excited I am for you!!! I can't wait to meet "see" our newest FFF member. ;)

    Now go lay down!

  19. WOOHOO!!! Go prego!

    Pregnancy was totally my first thought when you talked about the smells.

    I'm six months along or so, but I TOTALLY had the same experience during my first trimester this time. I don't know why it changes things, but it sure is inconvenient...

    Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more!

  20. Hah! As soon as I read the third paragraph, I was like, "...Does Cassie know she's pregnant?" That's fantastic! :D Congratulations!

  21. CONGRATULATIONS, CASSIE!!!! How old are your other two? I also knew by the paragraph about the coffee beans,,,,you were preggo. :-D Again congratulations!

  22. BBQ chips were the bane of my existence when i was preggo with my first... but at least they weren't healthy so missing out was no biggie. but ALL THE PRODUCE!!!! poor preggo!!!!!

  23. Yay for Cassie!! Yay! Yay! Yay! <---I sang that. :D

  24. Congrats, Cassie, altho I don't envy you the pregnancy. I HATED being pregnant. Pregnant me was an EVIL PERSON. On the bright side, I never had post-partum depression bc I was so happy not to be pregnant, I didn't care what the baby threw at me. (literally :))

  25. Congratulations! I had to skip to the end as soon as you started talking about smells because I just had to know (yes, that's the kind of reader I am). But then I went back and read the rest.

    Baby #3 is so lucky because s/he is going to have an amazing fun-loving mama!

  26. The moment I read the mangos made you sick, I thought "Oh My Gosh!!" So many congratulations!

  27. CONGRATULATIONS!!! If the baby ends up being a boy his nick-name should totally be BEAN! After all, it was that sweet beany smell that stood out during that day of revelations! :)

  28. I, too, thought 'preggo' as soon as you mentioned the stuff about the smell.


    I look forward to reading what 'Preggo' Cassie has to say. I bet it's a riot!

  29. I knew it when you first mentioned the coffee! Congrats Cassie!!! Hope the morning sickness passes soon ((Hugs))

  30. Congratulations! What a way to find out, but I hope you start feeling better again soon.

  31. Congratulations! What a way to find out, but I hope you start feeling better again soon.

  32. CONGRATS! I'm really late with this, but YAY! Lol, I honestly saw that coming with this post, but I thought I could've been wrong-wouldn't be the first time. Congratulations again, looking forward to pregnant Cassie blogging, I'm sure it'll be fun. :)

  33. Congrats, Cassie! I saw your FB post first & missed this post. Duh! Funny though, as I was reading, I was thinking you sounded just like me when I was pregnant with my kids. Ugh, morning sickness is the worst, but the prize at the end is so worth it! I'm so happy for you!! How about a baby naming contest? Wouldn't that be fun? Okay, maybe not. Hope you're feeling well & your pregnancy's a breeze. God bless!!

  34. congratulations! THat's an interesting way to find out if you're pregnant--watching your reaction to different smells, i mean:)

  35. Blogger has kicked you off my list again, so I'm just catching up--congratulations! Funny, as I was reading this post, I was thinking 'maybe she's pregnant'--good guess! I hope you get over the sickie phase fast and have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  36. HOLY SMOKERONIES!!!! Congrats girl! I can't belive I missed this:) So so happy for you!

  37. CONGRATS! Sorry I missed this post until now. I'm so excited for you!

    Baby #3 changed my life. For reals.


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