Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Crazy Writers

Darn Blogger! I had a beautiful all-inspiring post ready for today and POOF! it's gone! I really have no idea where it went.

Maybe I just dreamed I wrote something and posted it. Or maybe I thought I did, but I didn't. Oiy, my brain.

Anywhoozle, I thought I'd talk about writing today, since yanno, I am a writer, lol. And because I can only talk to my writing peeps about writing without their eyes glazing. (Or maybe they are glazing, but how would I know through the computer? haha!)

So! My list of things non-writer people ask writer people but don't end up understanding what we say anyway. (That title makes sense in my head. Just go with it.)

I heard you're writing a book. What's it about?

-Yes, this is where you practice your elevator pitch. But don't worry, no matter what you say, this is what they'll say:

Sounds cool.

-Because they've stopped listening the second you said, "It's a 67,000 word...", or they really think that, or because they're too nice to tell you, "Uh, I don't get it."

How do you get it published?

-Um, this goes so many ways, it'll take me a blog post and a half to explain every single detail. When people ask me, there's a lot of other questions... such as, "Why do you need an agent? What is an agent? What do agents do? What's a query? What's a synopsis?" Stuff like that. So, I've settled for the answer: With a lot of luck, hard work, and a lot of time. 

You got a request? What does that mean now?

-It means I wait. A lot. 

Now... onto misconceptions about writers:

We are not going to be the next JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, or Suzanne Collins. 
We won't make millions of dollars when we get offered a book deal. 
We don't poop out books with perfect grammar/sentence structure.

The truth about writers that most people don't know:

We write knowing sometimes we will be the only ones to see the words we've written.

We write because we love it.

We talk in code, saying things such as ms, cp, betas, wip, YA, NA, show vs. tell, voice, plot driven, 
character driven. You will need a translator if you get two of us together and we start talking about writing. 

Writing makes us crazy, thoughtful, worried, anxious, scared, frustrated, elated, and HAPPY.

And even though I like talking about my writerly job with my non-writer folks, I need my writer buds to talk to when I need someone who understands. This is probably why this community rocks my socks, because there isn't a shortage :)

Aww... I'm a bit sentimental today. :)

And random... but that's nothing new, lol.

Anyone else relate to what I'm talking about here? 

Oh! And real quick... Falling for Fiction is having a CP/Beta mixer today, so if you are looking for a critique partner or beta reader, or know someone who is, head on over!

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  1. So relate to this Cassie! I rarely talk about writing with non-writer friends because it gets too complicated and they can never understand it when you say "Well I'm still waiting to hear," when you tell them you have a request for a full and you haven't heard back within a couple of weeks!

  2. Suzanne speaks the truth. I just don't talk writing outside of this blog. Well...very few anyway.

  3. I love this post, Cassie!! It's so true! Writers do speak in a special code. And only they get how hard it is to really write and rewrite a book etc.... I also was wondering if you could check out my blog today,I posted some random facts about me :-)

  4. Think you came up with something better.
    And sorry, Cursive font was difficult to read...

  5. Oh, I really, REALLY flipping love this post, Cass! :-D

    Been reading a lot of folks with disappearing blog post problems. No bueno, no bueno at all. I just admire those of you who can move past the loss of 2 hours of your life and still post. Most days I'd have to have the gasoline cans knocked from my hands, and the matches hidden. To quote the movie Office Space, "My stapler ... OK, I'm going to burn it down now."

    "with a lot of luck, hard work, and a lot of time." = Perfect response ... that I can't seem to master. :-(

    None of us really understand how it all works, I think. If you're willing to keep at it long enough, it just kind of does, that much I'm sure of.

  6. I know what you mean. When I start talking to non-writing friends, I can see their eyes turn into a pair of glazed donuts. And sometimes, when they have somewhat listened, they kindly suggest I do something else or try this or that claiming it will sell better.

    Here in the blogging world, I find plenty of people who understand me and what I love to do.

    Great post! And trust me, my eyes didn't glaze over at all.

  7. You just turned your pet into a water goblet!

    I Love this post. You're SO right about all of it. I can't even talk to my hubby or family too much before their eyes glaze.

    I'm SO sharing this post.

  8. This my face exact face when I get asked those questions --> -_-

    You're right! There are some things you just HAVE to talk to your writer friends about. We are pretty lucky that we've got some good ones :)

  9. To keep from losing stuff on blogger, I write on word and cut and paste.

  10. Great post!

    I was working on my story bible at work and one of my friends said, "That's too much work."

    Yes. Yes it is. ;)

  11. I love this, I can't tell you how much I love this. I especially love what you said about requests. Cassie, you are brilliant. I need all my non-write friends to read this :)

  12. LOL. I LOVE this. My favorite is we don't poop books with perfect grammar!!!

  13. My friends still struggle with the concept of paying to enter short story competitions. These non-writers really do live in another world, don't they? Perhaps we need a word for them, like 'Muggles', except not muggles because that's taken I think!

  14. Now I have somewhere to point when people ask me those blasted questions. And the hug picture...priceless. *wipes tears*

  15. hahaha, we don't poop out perfect novels with correct grammer.... haha! So funny!

  16. Rachel: I'll head over as soon as I can! :)

    Ilima: I always feel like I'm Jeopardy or something when I get asked writer questions.

    Melanie: Wish we did though, right?? :)

  17. Yes to all of this! If I didn't have my writer friends, I'd be so alone. But is has been eye-opening for my husband and family to learn what really goes into publishing a book. Man, I wish I could just wave a wand and be done with it. And all the waiting! Geesh. Half of writing IS waiting. :)

    Great post, Cassie!

  18. Yeah, I try to practice my elevator pitch to my non writer friends, but I always dissolve into "and then there's a big explosion, so that's pretty cool."

  19. I rarely tell people I'm working on books because I'm afraid they won't ask me what it's about. Then again, I'm afraid they WILL.

    Seriously, most people say something along the lines of, "Really? That's great!" And they'll ask me if it's published or getting published anytime soon. They don't ask as often as I'd expect what it's about.

  20. Love this post Cassie! I don't feel so alone and crazy now ;) It is so difficult to talk to non-writers and most of them think it's so easy to spit out an entire novel like it's nothing.

  21. Ahhh. I love it. Wish I had some writerly friends locally. I like your how do you get published answer.

    I always get the comment. Why does it have to be in perfect shape? Don't editors edit?

  22. Great post, Cassie!

    Now try self-publishing a novel. Then having it picked up by a traditional publisher and republished with a fresh edit, a new title, and a new cover. Then explain to people why a) your second book is the same as your first one and b) why you're so excited about it.


  23. My husband REALLY appreciates the writer friends I've made through blogging and social media. He is patient, but I think it's a relief for him to not have to hear about all that writer stuff over and over again!

  24. Great post! I love the 'Sounds cool" comment. That is so true. Although I think I get when is it going to be published more than how will it be. And I always feel like saying, "Probably never." ;)
    I'm so glad I started blogging and found other writers to talk to!

  25. Congratulations Cassie, on getting your agent!! Saw your name on #Gutgaa tally. so wonderful!

  26. Funny how non-writers think we're gonna be millionaires just because we wrote a book. That one always leaves me scratching my head.

  27. You brought a tear to my glad I got peeps who understand!

  28. You know what I always get when I tell people I'm a writer/author? "Oh yeah? My cousin's coworker's mother-in-law's sister wrote a book for Amazon!"

    Nothing wrong with that, of course. It's just funny how often it happens! :)

  29. Sounds cool.

    HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH so true. Non-writers ask lots of questions and get lots of answers that make their eyes glaze over after about 5 seconds. I couldn't function without my writer buds.

    Oh and yeah, I get the same thing as Carrie. Someone else has always also written a book as well that's already out. It's a whole thing.

  30. Yes! I definitely can relate to your whole list! And when people ask these questions it can be hard to determine if they're genuinely curious and so want an answer, or if they're just looking for something to say to keep the small talk going. That's why I love my writer friends. I never have to wonder with them. OR explain why my book isn't yet on the bookshelves at their local Barnes & Noble.

  31. I like how you mentioned that writing makes us happy/sad/anxious. I went to a talk by Neil Gaiman last night and someone asked him which book he enjoyed writing the most. He said that the books he enjoyed writing the most, were also the books that he hated the most, because they had the most impact on him.

  32. So true -on the elevator pitch AND all the questions, and the language and abbreviations we have. My hubs works on a Marine Base and he always writers use more abbreviations than they do-(it just seems that way because he doesn't recognize any of them!)

    Yes, non-writer friends are great, but I depend on my writing friends:)

    I like your how to get published answer-"a lot of luck, hard work, and a lot of time."

  33. Love the post, but especially love that picture. OMG, that is exactly how I feel about my books sometimes. :)

  34. I can relate to this so much even though I don't write novels. I love how the blogosphere connects us as writers and we can talk up a storm about writing to each other!

    Great post! :)

  35. I try to avoid talking writing with non-writers...anything to avoid having my friends stare at me like "Er, are you even speaking English?!" It's all those abbreviations that get them :)


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